Open Heart Ring

Handmade 'Open Heart' ring designed by Amy Nordstrom exclusively for Collective Hearts.

  • - 14k gold-filled
  • - Handcrafted in Northern California
  • - Adjustable, fits size 5.5 to 8

Available for PRE-ORDER for May. 

Each piece is hand cut, shaped, soldered and polished making each ring unique. You may experience a slight color difference in places the metal has been soldered. You can shower or wash your hands with your ring on - no need to remove. Gold fill will not tarnish or rub off. It is a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal.


Our Open Heart Ring reminds us to lead with love, kindness and affection. Whether you are married or single, wearing this ring presents us with the beautiful opportunity to gaze down in admiration, feel your heart open, expansive and full of gratitude.