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Jewelry FAQs

Information & Care

Jewelry Information

What's in your jewelry and how is it made?

Our jewelry is exclusively 14k gold-fill, .925 sterling silver, and 14k solid gold, for a lifetime of wear and enduring beauty. We do not gold-plate our jewelry and we take pride in our enduring standards of quality, design, and handcrafting.

14k gold-fill is considerably higher quality and longer-lasting than 14k gold-plating and has the look, feel, and durability of solid 14k gold jewelry, at a much more affordable price. With gold-fill, a thick layer of real 14k gold is pressure-bonded to a copper or brass core, which produces gold jewelry that will not tarnish, turn green, or rub off with everyday, long-term wear. This method produces pieces that are beautiful, lightweight, strong, and nearly indistinguishable from solid 14k gold pieces. 

Gold-fill is not commonly used in jewelry-making, as it requires significantly more gold than gold plating and a higher degree of precision and craftsmanship to apply. We are proud to offer this exceptional, safe, and very affordable type of jewelry.

Do you have options for metal sensitivities?

Yes, we do! 14k gold-filled jewelry can be worn by most people, without allergic reactions. The thick layer of 14k gold in gold-fill is highly durable and acts as a barrier, to reduce any sensitivity to the base metals at the core of our jewelry. If you don't typically experience a reaction to solid 14k gold, you will find gold-filled wears equally well.

If you are allergic or very sensitive to 14k gold, we suggest .925 sterling silver as an attractive alternative. Sterling silver is known for very low metal sensitivities, as the 92.5% pure silver content is non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin types. Explore our silver jewelry for non-sensitive options.

How do you ensure sustainability in the creation of your jewelry?

All of the materials in our jewelry are sustainably sourced in the USA. We only work with suppliers with a reputation for ethical and sustainable business practices, who also support fair trade.

Some of the metals in our jewelry may be recycled. After recycling, the metal is tested to ensure the correct alloy content and purity before it's used to create our jewelry.

Jewelry Care

How should I care for my jewelry?

Our Collective Hearts jewelry has been created to be both beautiful and practical. When worn as intended, it should last a lifetime.

The best way to care for your jewelry is to keep it clean, dry, and safely stored when not in use. You can gently clean your jewelry with water and mild soap and then dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. As needed, sterling silver can be polished with a specially-treated cloth, to remove tarnish.

Some pieces, like our 'Armed with Love' and 'Light the Way' Bracelets — with their waxed cotton cords — may be cleaned with water and mild soap, however, with repeated exposure to soap and water, the fibers in the natural cotton cord will loosen and will eventually show signs of wear.

Can I shower or swim in my jewelry?

Yes, you can shower with your 14k solid, gold-filled, and sterling silver jewelry, but make sure your soaps and shampoo are gentle, as certain chemicals can negatively impact the look of the gold or silver.

Showering or swimming while wearing our 'Armed with Love' Bracelet, 'Light the Way' Bracelet, Festival Necklace, or Unity Necklace is not recommended due to the natural-fiber materials in their cords.

Is your jewelry fragile?

While our jewelry is created to last for many years, some pieces may not withstand extended rough treatment. Our pieces have been designed to be lightweight and worn comfortably all day, with typical wear.

In general, we do not recommend wearing your jewelry while engaged in active sports, or in situations where the jewelry is likely to be snagged or pulled upon.

Keep in mind that, due to their larger size and open design, our biggest heart pieces can be damaged more easily than their smaller counterparts; greater care should be taken when wearing them.

What is your warranty policy?

Our fine jewelry carries a lifetime warranty and will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. For all other pieces, we offer a three-month free replacement policy, covering defects and damage that may occur with normal wear. For issues between three months and one year, contact us for assistance.

If your jewelry arrives damaged or broken, we will happily replace it immediately, free of charge; please visit your My Account page and request a return and replacement. If your jewelry breaks during normal wear within the first 90 days, please reach out to; if eligible and approved, we will provide you with a free replacement.

For issues beyond 90 days and up to one year after purchase, contact our customer care team, so we can work with you to resolve any problems. Depending on the issue, we may be able to offer you a credit toward a replacement or a future purchase.

Any issues that arise after the first year are the responsibility of the buyer. Visit our Refund policy page for additional information.

Can the jewelry be repaired if it breaks?

With the exception of our fine jewelry line, we cannot accept returns of broken or damaged jewelry for repair.

However, in the event that your order arrives in less-than-pristine condition, please let us know immediately at My Account, so we can make it right with a replacement. If an item is found to be defective within the first 90 days, we will replace the item, provided it has not been subjected to unusual wear and tear. Contact our customer care team for help with the free return.

Beyond 90 days, you can contact us about any damaged items, and we'll work to resolve the problem. As an alternative, some issues are easily repaired by a local jeweler. The simplest fix is replacement of a lost or broken jump ring in either the chain extender or the clasp. Most jewelers can do this for you while you wait. In the case of a broken solder joint, it's certainly possible to have a jeweler re-solder disconnected parts.

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