Legacy of Love

Let your loved ones know you will always be in each other's hearts with our hand hammered Legacy of Love necklace.

  • - Sterling Silver
  • - Handcrafted in Northern California
  • - 16" cable chain, double heart is approx. 2 3/4" at widest point

With each necklace, you receive a small heart token. Gift away the heart with the intention of spreading more love, kindness and generosity in the world. A portion of the proceeds benefits The Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, built by our Founder.


The Legacy of Love necklace was designed to remember the love for another within your own heart. This necklace was designed by Jeff Leidall, for his Mom, Donna while at the hospital receiving chemotherapy. Jeff had stage 4 cancer at the time and ordered 15 heart necklaces to gift to all of the women in his life, including his nurses, so that his love and appreciation for each woman will be with them long after he is gone. When Lisa heard his story, she was so touched that she went to the hospital to meet Jeff and personally thank him. She and Jeff held hands and spoke for hours while he shared his many life lessons — telling her he wanted his life to be a Legacy of Love. Lisa visited him two days later, and there in the hospital, he designed this signature piece for his Mom and was there the day he placed it around her neck. In the end, all that matters is love.

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