Heart of Gold

Radiate love with our signature heart necklace. The Heart of Gold hand hammered necklace is significant enough to be worn solo yet delicate enough to layer beautifully with your favorite pieces.

  • - 14k gold filled
  • - Handmade in Northern California
  • - 16" cable chain, heart is approx. 3"

With each necklace, you receive a small heart token. Gift away the heart with the intention of spreading more love, kindness and generosity in the world. A portion of the proceeds benefits The Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, built by our Founder.


Lisa designed our larger-than-life heart necklace to generate more visible love in the world, placing the heart delicately and powerfully above our own hearts. She wanted any person seeing the necklace to be reminded of the awesome power of love and the opportunity for heart connections in every moment. The first day she wore her creation, she could not believe how many people approached her, complimenting her heart, and asking where they could get their own. People were ready to love, and the response was overwhelming. Lisa quickly began making this design, in gold and silver, for friends and family and ultimately strangers and brand admirers, thus Collective Hearts was born out of community of love and connection. Lisa likes to think of these necklaces as a trifecta of love - by wearing the necklaces, you are literally wearing, sharing and spreading love on a global scale.

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