Collective Hearts Retreats

We are passionate about life, love, wellness, and making a tangible difference in the world. Inspired by our love of travel and being of service, Collective Hearts offers global adventures to explore the planet, embark upon new experiences and contribute responsibly.

Reignite your own inner spark by embarking on an authentic journey, tapping into and leveraging your unique abilities and passions to give back in meaningful ways. From building orphanages in Haiti, to releasing sea turtles in Mexico, or painting murals at children’s homes in South Africa, we provide plenty of opportunities to give back in mindful, heartfelt ways.

You’ll feel replenished as you cultivate more gratitude, inspiration and adventure in your life, and amplify your light to serve your highest potential.


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After receiving open heart surgery, my Collective Hearts necklace surrounds my scar perfectly, just as it should. I am not going to take it off. I've been thinking about getting a big tattoo to cover it, but for right now my scar is going to be surrounded by the all the love that emanates from this beautiful necklace.

Dr Ina Stephens

Pediatric doctor. Yogini. Former dancer

The best part about wearing my Heart of Gold necklace is that it reminds me to lead with my heart at all times, and that those around me are moved in such a positive way. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone will come up to me to tell me how much they love it. I then get to share what it means to me, which is to always lead with love.

Sydney Rainin-Smith

Co-Founder, Laughing Glass Cocktails

My Collective Hearts necklace is my daily mantra/mudra/inspiration. I find it to be such a connection piece and everywhere I go, when people compliment me on it, I tell them that it's a movement, to connect more people to loving, caring, remembering, giving and sharing.

Jeniffer Legge

Author, Founder of This Nourished Life