What is 14K Gold-Fill?

14K gold-fill is much higher quality and longer lasting than 14K gold plating or other ordinary plating metals and has the look, feel, and durability of 14K gold jewelry at a much more affordable price. There’s a thick layer of real, solid 14k gold pressure bonded on the outside of a brass core.  The 14k gold that’s on the outside of gold-filled is the same gold as you would get from a solid 14k piece.  So your jewelry will not tarnish, rub off or turn green.

14K gold-filled can be worn by most people without allergic reactions. If you do not have any sensitivities to solid gold, you will find gold-filled agrees well with your skin.

This type of metal is not commonly used. We are proud to offer this high-quality, safe and affordable metal.


What is the difference between Gold-Filled jewelry and Gold-Plated?

Yellow gold filled jewelry is a good quality, more affordable alternative to solid gold. Also known as “rolled gold” or “gold overlay”, it’s easily confused with gold plating; however, the key difference is that it’s bonded with solid gold. Gold-Filled jewelry has 100x more gold alloy than gold plated and because that layer is so much thicker, it means Gold-Filled jewelry lasts longer and stands up to wear and tear better than gold plated.


How do I care for my Collective Hearts Jewelry?

The best way to care for your pieces is to keep them clean, dry and safely stored. You can clean your jewelry gently with water and mild soap, and then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Yes, you can shower with your 14k gold-filled jewelry, but make sure your soaps and shampoo are gentle as certain chemicals can negatively impact the look of the gold.


How does Collective Hearts give back?

We believe in the power of purpose and giving back. Through your purchases, we donate to worthy organizations that support causes close to our hearts.

Every Collective Hearts purchase contributes to the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, built by our Founder Lisa Rueff. We also seek opportunities throughout the year to give back through special events and fundraisers.

If you have a cause you are particularly inspired to support, please email us at info@collectivehearts.co with a little information about the organization and your story of why it matters to you.