Custom experiences


Let Collective Hearts curate your next corporate or special event. We provide transformative, meaningful, and memorable experiences to deepen the bonds between your co-workers, friends, and family. With Collective Hearts, you’ll get connected, uplifted and inspired.

CELEBRATE - Wellness.

Nourish Your Heart. Enrich Your Mind. Nurture Your Body. Lisa Rueff will offer practical, easy-to-implement daily rituals, embodiment practices and tangible tools to optimize your wellbeing. Life can be depleting and overwhelming. Learn how to easily enrich your wellbeing. Rediscover your inner heart wisdom and rejuvenate your life. It's time to thrive.

ELEVATE - Entrepreneurship

Get out of your head and into your heart. Live with more passion and purpose. Through Guided Meditation, Inner Reflection and Creative Expression, learn to leverage your unique abilities and passions and launch bigger dreams. Release your inner critic and limiting beliefs and tap into your highest purpose. It’s time to reach your highest potential.


How do you want to impact the world? What do you want your love legacy to be? How can you implement your gifts now to contribute in more meaningful ways? Through Lisa’s powerful process - combining guided meditation, intrapersonal exercises, and creative journaling. Learn easy steps to discover how you can best serve. It’s time to live your legacy.


Host a Collective Hearts Gathering and choose from our signature offerings, or consult with Lisa and our team, and let them custom design a most memorable, meaningful event just for you.

Signature Collective Hearts Offerings:

  • - Heartflow Yoga
  • - Heart Guided Meditation
  • - Heart and Mindfulness Practices
  • - Aromatherapy 
  • - Creative Journaling
  • - Sparked Signature Experiences
  • - Catered Cuisine, Speciality Juices, and Signature Cocktails