Lisa Rueff

Founder and Chief Heart Warrior

Our Founder, Lisa Rueff, humanitarian and inspirational speaker is on a heart-based mission to spread love worldwide.

From leading international humanitarian trips to raising over a million dollars for women and children on a global scale and experiencing unique cultures first-hand, Founder and Chief Love Warrior Lisa Rueff knows what it means to love with purpose. A multi-faceted community leader—inspirational speaker, wellness expert, yoga teacher, jewelry designer, and entrepreneur—she has created a collective where people can connect, inspire one another, and open their hearts to the world. Lisa leads passionately with love, from her jewelry designs to her heart-opening workshops, retreats, inspirational talks and board game Sparked, bringing all facets of her work together under Collective Hearts.

Born from her philanthropic mission to build a school in Haiti, we donate a portion of proceeds to organizations like the Haitian Jacmel Children’s Center and Random Acts Organization.

A champion for global awareness and philanthropy, Lisa has led over 40 international trips in the past five years, striving to aid and positively impact communities she and her groups visit. She has raised over a million dollars for global causes, focusing on sustainable solutions to provide basic needs for women and children. Lisa served as Executive Director for Michael and Sara Franti’s Do It For The Love Foundation, bringing the gift of music to those who need it most.

Lisa also consulted for Virgin Unite, facilitating Connection Trips with Sir Richard Branson to South Africa and Queen Noor to Jordan, engaging frontline leaders in entrepreneurial communities worldwide.

Lisa and Jen Mazer created Sparked, the board game with inspiration, heart, and hilarity that celebrates and uplifts the players and always delivers rich, meaningful experiences. From board rooms to conferences, retreats to signature events, Sparked empowers participants and creates life-changing transformations.Lisa wanted to add her Sparked partner

An acclaimed inspirational speaker, Lisa ignites the stage with her magnetic personality, inspiring stories and empowering life lessons. Known for her joyful and insightful speaking style, she expertly weaves together unique personal experiences with motivational key points and interactive exercises to deliver transformative, heartfelt presentations.

If you’d like to increase engagement and foster deep connection, invite Lisa as your next interactive, inspirational speaker. Lisa draws from her over 15 years of experience in Wellness, Humanitarian work, and Entrepreneurship to deliver powerful messages and create memorable and meaningful events.

Lisa ignites the stage with her magnetic personality, inspiring stories and empowering life lessons.

Lisa creates signature Collective Hearts experiences designed for heart-opening and community building.

These signature gatherings enrich your wellbeing, support your dreams and optimize your potential with an emphasis on self-care, connection and purposeful living.

Above all, Lisa is dedicated to Collective Hearts, the culmination of her many experiences and passions - creating our iconic designs, bringing a heart-centered community together with events and gatherings, guiding humanitarian retreats, and radiating love and kindness in all that she does.

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