Gratitude is the Best Attitude

05 Nov , 2020
It's that time of year when we are thinking about everything and everyone we are grateful for - the month of Thanksigiving is here. Although it's wonderful to have a national holiday dedicated to expressing our gratitude, it's even more impactful when we can establish a daily practice of being thankful throughout the year.

Creating a gratitude practice is easier than you think, and it may just be one of the most effective and easiest ways to improve our overall health and well-being. Cultivating gratitude costs nothing, takes little time and the benefits are significant. Creating an attitude of gratitude allows us to express appreciation on a regular basis for the big and small things alike. 

When we wear our Collective Hearts jewelry, we receive tangible reminders throughout the day to feel and embody love and gratitude - this is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

There are many benefits to staying in a heart space and feeling gratitude, here are a few essential ones:

Gratitude improves our physical health. Grateful people report feeling healthier than other people and are more likely to take care of their health. They exercise and get outdoors often - this enhances their positive outlook and increases life longevity.

Gratitude improves psychological health. Practicing gratitude helps reduce toxic emotions including frustration, regret, envy and resentment. Gratitude helps increase happiness and reduce depression.

Gratitude opens the door to more relationships. Showing appreciation can help with friendships. Whether you compliment a stranger or send a quick thank you note to a colleague, acknowledging other people’s contributions often lead to new opportunities and stronger bonds.

Grateful people sleep better. Writing what you are thankful for just before sleep helps enhance the quality and duration of your sleep. Waking up refreshed and starting your day with gratitude helps improve the quality of your entire day. 

Gratitude improves self-esteem. Gratitude increases self-esteem - an essential component to optimal performance. Studies have shown that gratitude also reduces social comparisons. Rather than becoming resentful toward people who have more money or better jobs, a major factor in reduced self-esteem, grateful people are able to appreciate other people’s accomplishments.
We all have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Simply enjoy a few moments to focus on all that you have.

Let our hearts be the reminder to practice gratitude every single day!

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